Let's fix clinic day.

What if your patients knew the basics before coming in?

We doctors typically spend 80% of clinic visits teaching basic facts, with only a little time left for the real work we do.

Now, Wellprept reverses that, so we can spend our time with patients being doctors, instead of teaching Anatomy 101. 

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Wellprept improves patient satisfaction decreases physician burnout

Get your patients just the material they need.

Each page is like a digital file cabinet.

Your favorite articles, handouts, videos, PDFs, instruction sheets, whatever you like.  

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 Fix clinic day now. You don't even need a credit card. 

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 "I won't go back to practicing without my WellPrept pages... so much so, I printed the QR code on my business card.

I can choose the information patients get for every major condition I treat, and they absolutely love it. "

Alexander Kutikov, MD

Chief of Urology, Fox Chase Cancer Center

By a Doctor, for Doctors

David Canes MD, founder of WellPrept David Canes MD, founder of WellPrept

Something's missing from the burnout discussion

 "I love what I do, but I was burned out. My hospital had an important wellness initiative. The focus was on the EHR: helping docs with templates, order sets, speed buttons, you know... efficiency tools. Do I think these are important? Absolutely - they're vital.

But I thought... something's missing on the patient side. Why aren't patients prepping for my clinic too? I built a centralized hub with all of my patient education materials to scratch my own itch. Patients loved it, and I started loving clinic day again. New visits feel like return visits. I enjoy deeper conversations with my patients.

I realized I'd stumbled on a systems-level tool that actually helps doctors by having new patients arrive prepared. WellPrept was born."

David Canes, MD, Founder

"My Wellprept pages are so helpful, and patients comment on it daily. It saves me from explaining the same concepts over and over.

Patients read my favorite sources, not scouring the internet and getting misinformation.

This saves me and my staff time. It's now part of my workflow, and I'm not looking back!"

Grant Disick, MD, Urologist, Boca Raton, FL

"This practice-tailored web resource allows patient to review appropriate materials prior to the visit, and, more importantly, affords an unparalleled resource to be able to educate themselves and their families about the often extremely complex therapeutic landscape that surrounds their particular disease.  

This is a terrific tool for providing high quality of care, while doing so efficiently and effectively. I cannot recommend WellPrept more highly to a practice that is looking for growth, or one that is already established and that seeks to improve the care they deliver."

Alexander Kutikov, MD, Chief of Urology, Fox Chase Cancer Center

"I practice in a competitive landscape, treating complex urologic cancers. The volume of material to cover in a visit to truly achieve shared decision-making is daunting.

I used to have my secretary email guideline pdfs to new patients before clinic, but this is cumbersome. If I could have dreamt up a solution, this would have been it. Both a time saver and a satisfier."

William Huang, MD, Urologic Oncologist, NYU Urology

"Using WellPrept has been a no-brainer - I love it, and my patients love it. 

WellPrept immediately increased the quality of clinic visits for myself as well as my patients.  The ease of access for the patient is incomparable.  My patients come into the clinic already knowing the basics of their condition and treatment options so we can talk about important topics that are too often rushed, such as the personal impact of treatments and guidance on what treatment may be best for them. 

The website will also often answer questions they forgot to ask or answers they forgot to write down, enabling us to have a true face-to-face conversation without the worry of having missed something to write down. 

I can't recommend this app highly enough!"

Keith Kowalczyk, MD, Interim Chair, Department of Urology at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

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