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Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley Block; 11/2023

A New Approach to Medical Content Distribution
The axis

Patient Obsessed with Eva Sheie; 11/2023

Less Spiels, More Doctoring
Man up

The Man Up Pod with Justin and Kevin; 8/2023

How to Properly Educate Yourself About Your Health
Wellprept press

Physician Coach Support with Diana Londoño; 6/2023

We discuss WellPrept, burnout, and having systems in place
Wellprept press

Real Estate Mogul MD; 6/2023

Dr. Canes discusses surgery and entrepreneurship
Wellprept press

WellPrept at the AUA 5/2023

Our booth was featured on AUA TV
Wellprept press

SaaS Insiders Podcast with Vlad Hu; 3/2023

Working a Full-Time Job While Building Your MVP and Getting Traction
Wellprept press

SIU Journal; 3/2023

The Influence of Social Medial Influencers on Urology Information: Where Are All the Urologists?
Wellprept press

Thriving Urology FB Live with John Lin; 3/2023

SVB Collapse: Tech startup and Urologist Perspective
Wellprept press

The BOSS Series with Amy Vertrees; 3/2023

Mid-career slump and a better use of clinic time
Wellprept press

The Medical Talk with Anousheh Pracha; 3/2023

Medicine and Entrepreneurship | WellPrept | The Future of Patient Care
Wellprept press

ChatGPT Won’t Fix Healthcare, But It Might Save Doctors Some Time; 3/2023

David Canes interviewed about AI in healthcare
Wellprept press

Project Medtech with Duane Mancini; 1/2023

Wellprept Founder, Reluctant Entrepreneur
Wellprept press

Beyond Medicine with Rami Wehbi; 10/2022

From Surgery to SaaS - Unburdening Doctors
Davinci hour canes wellprept

DaVinci Hour Podcast with Maxwell Cooper; 10/2022

The Wellprept Interview

Circumsessions Podcast with Fardod O'Kelly; 10/2022

WellPrept with David Canes
Operate with zen podcast wellprept david canes

Operate with Zen Podcast with Phil Pierorazio; 10/2022

Keeping Your Eyes Open with Dr. David Canes
wellprept review robert chan david canes

Make your next trip to Doctor less awful with Wellprept; 9/2022

Dr. Robert Chan's YouTube Review
Backtable innovation canes wellprept

BackTable Innovation Podcast with Aaron Fritts; 9/2022

Stop repeating yourself over and over! Making patient pre-op preparation easier
Osmosis Wellprept podcast

The Osmosis Podcast with Shiv Gaglani; 9/2022

A New Tool to Improve Clinic Visits for Both Patients and Providers
Lin canes wellprept interview

Thriving Urology Interview with John Lin; 7/2022

Wellprept to run your clinic more efficiently